Psychologist and Pediatricians recommend Martial Arts for children of all ages. For instance Dr. Amy Romano-Silva a pediatrician has both of her kids at Family Martial Arts. This is what she stated “I’ve had my children at Family Martial Arts for over 3 years now. It has helped my children maintain an exercise regimen that has contributed to a healthy life, I recommend it to all of my patients parents”.

The Instructors at the Family Martial Arts Academy will help your child by focusing on their weakness and cultivating their strengths. As Miriam Scatilazzi says “My child was extremely shy. It seemed not only did he have one bully he had twenty. He cried the first day we walked into Family Martial Arts Academy. Now his confidence has gone through the roof. He’s a brown belt, does weapons, has won tournaments, and has become strong and proud. He walks with his back straight gives a firm handshake and looks people in the eyes when he speaks. My son will never be a victim again in his life, thank you Family Martial Arts”..

The Surgeon General states that childhood obesity is on the rise. Overweight children become overweight adults. Overweight children as well as adults have a higher chance of developing Diabetes, incurring Heart Disease as well as other illnesses. At the Family Martial Arts we sweat while we have fun. Ask Certified Personal Trainer, Health Consultant and Former Competitive Bodybuilder Alfonso Martinez. “I realized that neither of my children were getting sufficient daily exercise. Since joining both my kids have really strengthened their bodies and lowered their body fat dramatically. The workouts are massive. I should know after 4 years I’m a Black Belt too. I love this stuff”.

Maria Borgo who has her Masters Degree in Nutrition loves the Family Martial Arts Academy. “I have my 4 kids enrolled, I tell you this is the best thing you can do for your kids. I must have visited 9 schools before choosing Family Martial Arts”. Master Kevin & Bill: We want to take this opportunity to thank the two of you for the wonderful job you are doing teaching Karate to our children. It has significantly improved their physical conditioning, as well as their self confidence. They’ve also become more disciplined, more patient, and they enjoy your classes immensely. We’re very pleased with the results. Sincerely, Pediatrician Roxanna Santana, M.D. & Board Certified Cardiologist Orlando Santana, M.D.

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