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My five year old son started attending the Family Martial Arts karate school just two months ago and already I see great improvement in his self-confidence, physical strength, and coordination. He is currently in the Little Dragons program, which teaches him martial arts, discipline, and self-defense. The class also helps develop concentration and a sense of responsibility. In regards to the administration, the school is well-organized and both Sensei Kevin and Sensei Bill have many years of training and experience which is evident in their ability to effectively teach their students martial arts techniques with diligence and great respect towards students and parents. The positive family environment of the school makes one feel welcomed and also allows parents the opportunity to observe their child as they perform their new martial arts skills and earn stripes upon their weekly evaluation. My husband and I are very grateful that we found a well-rounded and solid karate school for our son and we look forward to watching him grow and accomplish his karate goals.

Darlene Perez.
PH.D Psychology

My name is Sensei Devon, and I am a humble student who enjoys training with the experienced and knowledgeable instructors at Family Martial Arts Academy (FMAA). I have been practicing Martial Arts with the sensei’s at Family Martial Arts Academy since they first opened their doors. The decision to train with Family Martial Arts was a fairly simple one. I needed to feel comfortable in the Dojo, and learn both Traditional and Contemporary martial arts techniques. I practice the Martial Arts since my life may, someday, dependent on my training. In my line of work threats aren’t always readily identified as such.

I have been employed for the past ten (10) years as a detective, with one of the largest police departments in Southeastern United States. Over the tenure of my career, I have learned that Law Enforcement Officers, like Martial Arts Practitioners, should not be the aggressor in confrontational situations. Martial Arts should be used for self defense and for protecting our families. Family Martial Arts Academy is very big on this concept and they re-enforce this in their students, especially their kids. The kids of Family Martial Arts Academy have high self-confidence and self-esteem. These kids are developed partially thru the karate training program. After all, these children are our future leaders, Doctors, Teachers, Lawyers, and Law Enforcement Officers.

As a Law Enforcement Officer, one is bounded by perimeters which dictate the type and quantity of force which may be used against a violent or non-compliant subject. We are required to use the least amount of force we deemed necessary to gain control of a situation or to gain compliance from a subject. Training with the senses from Family Martial Arts Academy has equipped me with a few additional tools to choose from my tool box. I rely on the skills I have acquired at FMAA as a secondary life saving device. At the end of each day, my objective is to go home to my family and friends who care for me. Training, in the long run, is the number one element that determines if I achieve that goal or not. Therefore, I train hard, and I recommend the same to everyone.

Sensei Devon.

Family Martial Arts Academy has it all covered. The instructors are progressive thinkers and adhere to science above all when it comes to training. Fitness, modern fighting skills and basic martial arts philosophy all rolled up in an explosive and challenging curriculum. The science of proper form in training,thus avoiding injury, the science of body mechanics and how this knowledge applies to self-defense, the science of developing functional full body strength, a powerful set of skills and a concentration on overall good physical and mental health is what is focused on. If you have a passion for Traditional Martial Arts Training...This school is for you. If you have a passion for modern fighting techniques as seen in MMA or the proven strength and endurance building drills of crossfit training then...this school is for you. I highly recommend Family Martial Arts Academy. Thanks for reading this review.

Joe Armenteros.

I would like to share a story about a situation that my son, Justin Rubio, was put in this past summer while we were on vacation in Siesta Key. It started out with a group of children playing with water guns and shooting at each other. Apparently my son squirted another boy in the face by mistake. The boy got very upset and tried to punch Justin. Justin then quickly got the boys hand and flipped him over onto his back in the sand and held him there. Thanks to what he has learned in Family Martial Arts he was able to defend himself without hurting the other boy. He had the opportunity to hit the other boy while he was holding him down, but he didn't. Justin used what he has learned to defend himself without hurting others. This made us very proud and confident that if he is ever put in a bullying situation he will be able to defend himself. We would like to take this opportunity to thank both Sensei Kevin and Sensei Bill along with all the other instructors for teaching our son the discipline and giving him the confidence to defend himself.

Sophia and Robert Rubio.

Psychologist and Pediatricians recommend Martial Arts for children of all ages. For instance Dr. Amy Romano-Silva a pediatrician has both of her kids at Family Martial Arts. This is what she stated “I’ve had my children at Family Martial Arts for over 3 years now. It has helped my children maintain an exercise regimen that has contributed to a healthy life, I recommend it to all of my patients parents”.

The Instructors at the Family Martial Arts Academy will help your child by focusing on their weakness and cultivating their strengths. As Miriam Scatilazzi says “My child was extremely shy. It seemed not only did he have one bully he had twenty. He cried the first day we walked into Family Martial Arts Academy. Now his confidence has gone through the roof. He’s a brown belt, does weapons, has won tournaments, and has become strong and proud. He walks with his back straight gives a firm handshake and looks people in the eyes when he speaks. My son will never be a victim again in his life, thank you Family Martial Arts”.

The Surgeon General states that childhood obesity is on the rise. Overweight children become overweight adults. Overweight children as well as adults have a higher chance of developing Diabetes, incurring Heart Disease as well as other illnesses. At the Family Martial Arts we sweat while we have fun. Ask Certified Personal Trainer, Health Consultant and Former Competitive Bodybuilder Alfonso Martinez. “I realized that neither of my children were getting sufficient daily exercise. Since joining both my kids have really strengthened their bodies and lowered their body fat dramatically. The workouts are massive. I should know after 4 years I’m a Black Belt too. I love this stuff”.

Maria Borgo who has her Masters Degree in Nutrition loves the Family Martial Arts Academy. “I have my 4 kids enrolled, I tell you this is the best thing you can do for your kids. I must have visited 9 schools before choosing Family Martial Arts”.

Master Kevin & Bill:

We want to take this opportunity to thank the two of you for the wonderful job you are doing teaching Karate to our children. It has significantly improved their physical conditioning, as well as their self confidence. They’ve also become more disciplined, more patient, and they enjoy your classes immensely.

We’re very pleased with the results.


Pediatrician Roxanna Santana, M.D.
Board Certified Cardiologist
Orlando Santana, M.D.

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