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We are a big proponent of private classes. While our academy is known for our group classes, some students do prefer to start with private training. Private classes allow the instructor to teach a lesson plan that’s specifically targeted to help an individual advance. The instructor can connect with the student and dramatically improve the progression of that individual student. In the Martial Arts there is no better way to pass and discern the information and knowledge other than private instruction. The student benefits greatly as the level of instruction moves exactly at the right pace for one specific person. Obstacles, issues, and weaknesses will be addressed privately; without an entire class noticing. The quickest way to mastery is via one on one learning. Many students choose to start first with private classes and then quickly acclimate to our group classes.

Private Classes offer flexibility. Classes are available during the day, evenings, weekdays or weekends. You can come to the Academy, or we can come to you. We make it convenient for you.

Whether your goal is towards Street Self-defense, Mastery, or Tournament training. The instructor will present material in a logical order focusing on progression while increasing your feeling of security and boosting your confidence.

Although we heavily focus on self-defense in our group classes, a private class offers an opportunity to address all issues, role play, and offers a wealth of techniques for self-defense. In addition we can immediately address any bully issues.

We highly recommend all students that are not enrolled in our private course program to consider doing a private class at least once a month. Even the best student in class will be surprised on how much they sharpen while increasing their progression to Mastery.
NO More excuses. You’ve been thinking about this long enough. Call today. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

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