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Hi my name is Kevin Cardona, I am one of the Head Instructors of Family Martial Arts Academy. I have been training kids for the past 12 years. Many of my students started training at the age of 4 and are still with me now. I have a 5th Degree Black Belt in Goju-Ryu Karate Do and a 2nd Degree in Tae Kwon Do, I have trained under some of the top Fighters in the World in Kickboxing and am the Founder of the International Fighting Championships. My accreditations include a Bachelors from F.I.U., Martial Arts Teachers Association, National Association of Professional Martial Artist, Inter Collegiate Martial Arts and The World Sansei Organization.
I have trained many World Champions in Weapons, Forms, and Fighting. Even though I have developed many World Champions in the ring my goal is to make them World Champions in Life. I am here to install Respect and Discipline in your child while teaching them to defend themselves in today’s’ volatile society.
Perseverance, Respect, Honor, Discipline and Focus are just a few of the words we live by, we constantly have Power Talks with our students explaining to them the meaning of these words. We teach our kids that they must have a positive attitude and that their actions will define them.
We will teach your child how to show respect to adults, how to make eye contact when shaking someone’s hand, how to stand straight and proud. We will give your child a weekly TO DO LIST that they must complete, with such things as completing their Homework on time, making their bed and practicing Karate at home. All of this just in their 1st class. These are some of the few things we teach on top of  the Best Martial Arts you will ever see!
I am sure your thinking “Wow all of this stuff is great, but what about Self Defense”. We teach Goju-Ryu Karate which was recently ranked on The Discovery Channel as the Most Effective Martial Art. We can trace our lineage back to Okinawa and its founder Chojun Miyagi. We teach everything within our system from Kickboxing, Judo, and Wrestling, not to mention the Time Honored and Battle Proven system of self defense Goju. You can be confidant that you will be training in one of the Best Karate Schools in the Country!
Everyone excels at our Karate School, Girls and Boys, Athletic or Non Athletic, no experience is required to begin training. A.D.D. not a problem, we have developed many Black Belts with A.D.D., most Pediatricians will recommend Martial Arts for children with A.D.D.
I am confidant that your child will not only enjoy training with us but also improve in everything from their grades to their self confidence. So what is the next step, simple either e-mail or call me direct at 786-337-5425, yes that’s right you will not get a secretary or an assistant, I personally will answer your phone call or e-mail and set up an appointment. Call now and get a Free Uniform when you come in for your appointment.
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